Motive Power

Engineering uptime via the design, integration and management of motive power systems

Motive Power is the engine that drives your supply chain


Our engineered motive power systems ensure your material handling fleet is efficient and reliable, with tailored power programs that lower energy consumption and increase productivity as well as safety.

Let us assess, engineer and manage your motive power needs:

  • Operational and Power Assessments
  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Installation Services
  • Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring and System Optimization
  • Planned Maintenance Programs



It doesn’t get much easier than letting us cover every aspect of battery power for your entire forklift fleet through our Engineered Power Systems and managed power program. We optimize the number of assets (and consider alternative tech like lithium or hydrogen) that your equipment requires for constant uptime, without missing a beat.

One fixed monthly fee covers it all. No surprises to your monthly bill or to your operation—guaranteed.

  • Battery and charger equipment
  • Battery watering
  • Battery washing
  • Equipment repairs
  • Proactive technical support
  • RAAMS® power optimization system
  • Hybrid power options
  • On-site technicians
  • Application engineering support


Our systematic approach to building a managed power system:

AssesSment & Power Study
Detailed Cost Analysis
Customer Equipment Specifications
ROI Cost Justification
Concentric Managed (No Risk)


  • Do you operate two or three shifts?
  • Do you operate battery change out equipment?
  • Do you operate in cold storage or do you have more than one battery for each forklift in order to keep your operations running smoothly?
  • Do you have extra forklift equipment due to power issues?
  • Do you experience frequent battery and charger repairs or downtime surprises?
  • Do you lease equipment today?
If you answered yes to any of these, contact us for a free
assessment and to begin benefiting from our uptime guarantee.


Do you have the means to maintain your power equipment, but need help getting started? That’s why we invented FleetPOWER™. We custom engineer a power system to meet each of your forklift applications needs, install it and equip you with our RAAMS® monitoring system.

Here are the benefits of FleetPOWER™:

  • Right-sized battery fleet
  • Appropriate alternative technologies when needed
  • Smart chargers with remote management capabilities
  • Application engineering support
  • A PM, watering and charging plan designed for your unique operation



Sure, we have a battery for every application. But our true advantage is in our ability to assess and understand your specific operational needs, and how our batteries can drive it. We have extensive experience managing motive power battery systems in the material handling industry, including power solutions for electric forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles.

We engineer, supply and maintain all motive power battery handling systems to assure the lowest cost of ownership. We spend hundreds of hours studying your power requirements, analyzing data and developing custom solutions that reduce the number of batteries and chargers needed to power your fleet.

Our motive power technologies include:

  • Flooded lead-acid batteries
    • Low-maintenance batteries
    • High-energy batteries
  • Gel lead-acid batteries
  • Thin plate pure lead
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Hydrogen power cells

Battery Charging Systems

Our experience in high-frequency battery charging systems is unmatched in the industry. We’ve extensively studied real-time application data to know exactly when to adjust charge profiles to maximize the life and performance of your batteries.

Our motive power technologies include:

  • High-Frequency Smart Chargers
    • Conventional charging
    • Opportunity charging
    • Fast charging
    • Lithium-ready charging
  • Ferroresonant Chargers
    • Conventional charging
  • SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) Chargers
    • Conventional chargers
  • Hydrogen Fill Stations

Battery Room Equipment

Trust our engineering team to design or renovate your battery room using the highest quality solutions. We’ll build you a space that’s safe, reliable and efficient.

Remote Power Management

We’re always a step ahead of potential issues with our patented RAAMS (Remote Automated Asset Management System) system for remote monitoring and management of batteries and chargers. We continually track and record operational data from your primary and reserve batteries and chargers. Data is continuously uploaded to our data warehouse where it is stored and analyzed to identify assets that are not being maintained or operated properly. For equipment that’s out of compliance, the data is converted into corrective service alerts. We also leverage dynamic, customized charge profiles to adapt your chargers to meet the specific needs of your batteries—optimizing battery performance like never before.

Remote monitoring equipment and technology includes:

  • Battery data recorders
  • Chargers and charger profile management
  • Multiple collection methods including wifi, bluetooth and cellular
  • Patented RAAMS® power management software

Free Power Assessment

See if your facility qualifies for a free power and operational assessment.