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Flipping the industry on its head with customer-centric national power and maintenance solutions.

Engineering Uptime

We understand your power and maintenance needs like no one else. That’s because we’ve spent decades collecting data from businesses like yours on all forklift and battery brands. We arm our technicians with data-driven decisions that ensure proactive maintenance to keep you powered up and avoiding costly downtime.

Customer Centric

A set of circles that share a midpoint are Concentric. We put the customer at the center point, and their influence ripples across our team – positively driving how our people, processes and systems operate. Our objective is to design and manage powerful systems that solve your facility’s unique problems and deliver efficiency and reliability.


Our technicians are the best in the industry, and are armed with a unique management system that optimizes your material handling fleet.

Our History

Concentric, an OnPoint company, combines the power and expertise of ABT Power Management and National Maintenance Services (NMS). Both companies have a proven history of innovation and customer partnership. We continue to grow nationally, adding like-minded teammates and regional organizations regularly to meet our commitment to being a national service provider.

On-Site Asset Maintenance
Innovative Technology
Engineered Power Systems
ABT Power Management is rooted in two decades of engineering and managing GuaranteedPOWER® solutions for forklift and AGV customers. ABT prided itself on using cutting-edge power management technologies to deliver lowest total cost of ownership motive and reserve power – all while providing complete peace of mind.
NMS spent 15 years developing a unique on-site forklift technician solution for high velocity facilities. These on-site technicians deliver consistent uptime at a lower total cost of ownership. NMS technicians are fully integrated into customers’ facilities, using state-of-the-art software and a proven equipment maintenance model to mitigate costly downtime and unpredictable expenses.

A Customer-Centric Future

Experience stress-free power and maintenance management. Through our technology leadership and technical expertise, we’re engineering uptime and creating efficiencies that change the way you approach power and material handling maintenance operations.
We are your single partner for motive and reserve power, as well as on-site equipment maintenance solutions. Not only do you get on-site, proactive solutions, you get them with a predictable uptime at a lower cost of asset ownership.
Here are the technology-driven applications that are only available through Concentric:
GuaranteedPOWER® solutions that deliver guaranteed power and 30% savings for high velocity facilities.

GuaranteedLIFT, the only guaranteed uptime solution for high velocity facilities with aging fleets.

7/24 Power Solutions design and maintain your critical power systems nationwide, all for a fixed monthly cost.


Their increased productivity and profit margins are real.

ABT has been our go-to guys for more than 20 years, as they have provided the best customer service, and technical support that you could ask for. They continue to provide the latest technology to meet our ever-changing business needs. Great people to work with!

Al Zimmermann
Vision Park Logistics Resource
Rockline Industries

ABT has consistently provided the highest level of customer service, and technical expertise, possible. It has been my pleasure to work alongside them for many years, and I look forward to this partnership continuing in the future.

Doug Pulver
Facility Manager
CBRE/Global Workplace Solutions
Electrolux North America

I have used ABT Power for the past several years and plan on using them in the future for all my DC Power needs. Always professional and they do an excellent job!

Jeffery Stutts
Manager Switch Services


These are our branches.  GuaranteedPOWER® and on-site technicians nationwide.  

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